Stove Servicing

Many stove owners are unaware of the basic requirements needed to ensure their appliances continue to run safely and efficiently. Manufacturers and solid fuel associations recommend having your wood burner/multi fuel stove serviced by a Hetas approved engineer at least once a year, generally tied in with the annual sweep.

Chimney Sweep Services in Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire

Stove maintenance can be broken down into three distinct sections. Much of the daily maintenance can be handled by the home owner but some of the more complex maintenance will require professional help.
Group 61

Daily | Weekly | Monthly Maintenance

We have put together some detailed information on maintaining your stove/chimney area with a full list on the things you can do to promoto success.

Group 62

Chimney Sweeping

Chimney sweeping is imperative to the correct and safe functioning of the appliance. It is widely accepted that all chimneys should be swept annually as a minimum.

Group 63

Solid Fuel Servicing

Often an unknown variable when people purchase stoves and similar appliances. Yes it’s true that many stoves can last a very long time but their internal components do not.

What Does Our Service Include

  • Protection of service area
  • Stripping of internal baffles and firebricks
  • Safety inspection Cleaning of stove glass and internals
  • Sweeping of the flue liner/ chimney system
  • Re-assembly of the stove
  • Paintwork touch-up and polish
  • Smoke testing and decommissioning
  • Repairs to fire cement and pipe connection
  • Replacement of perished parts (plus materials)*
  • Provision of insurance-approved certification
  • Advice on appliance operation, maintenance and fuel

*we carry most generic spares on the van however if you are aware of a perished/faulty part, please let us know when booking a service as some specific parts need to be pre-ordered. This means we can get your stove up and running without further call outs.

There are some huge potential risks to avoiding the necessary maintenance and sweeping intervals:

  • Chimney fire
  • House fires
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning which can be fatal
  • Invalidated warranties
  • Invalidated home insurance
  • Shortened appliance lifespan
  • Greatly increased running costs
  • Excessively polluting the air we breathe
  • Loss of enjoyment. (Remember that your stove should be a thing of joy).

The risks are very real and significant.
Although the advice given on this page is good it is not necessarily specific to your particular appliance. You must take professional advise specific to your particular installation and follow the guidelines set out by the appliance manufacturer and your home insurance provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our stove service area is within a 25 mile radius of GU14. If you are outside of this service area please ask for a tailored quote.

We cover surfaces surrounding the hearth prior to your service to ensure that area is safe and protected. Servicing a stove can be a very messy job at times and so we use the most efficient methods of dust control to ensure your home is left at least as tidy as when we arrived.
On average you can expect Danny to service your stove within an hour. However, in the event of any unforseen circumstances the service may take slightly longer.
This varies depending on usage and fuels burnt. We recommend servicing your stove and sweeping your chimney a minimum of once a year. If used regularly then additional servicing/sweeping is often required.
You can book your service/chimney sweep with us by filling out our contact form. Alternatively, feel free to call us or send a text/email for a quote and availability.
This is rarely the case as Danny will check that your installation has been notified with the local building authority prior to confirming a service appointment. However, in the unlikely event that your appliance or chimney is deemed non compliant, Danny is obliged to carry out a “Hetas Unsafe Situation Procedure” Thereafter, we will offer advice on possible remedies and issue paperwork for your records.
If your wood burning stove is deemed non compliant or unsafe, we are unable to offer a full refund as we have already attended the appointment and the necessary procedures generally take as long as the service. Danny will give the best advice going forward and often things can be simple to rectify.

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Working as a Hetas registered stove installer for many years, The Stove Doctor has invaluable experience when it comes to identifying and fixing faulty or underperforming appliances. We have built up a large database of regular customers over the years and they are often gratefull when they recieve their annual stove service reminders.

Our services offer great value for money and we are always willing to go the extra mile to leave our customers fully satisfied.

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